Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast: Majestic Sea & Ancient Ruins

The Amalfi Coast, just south of Naples, has become world renown for its picturesque sea cliffs, generous hospitality, outstanding cuisine, and charming seaside towns with crystal blue coves and bays.
The Amalfi coast is also an ancient resort home and fertile zone for wine growers at the base of Mount Vesuvius.

Day Trip Itinerary

Our 10-12 hour day trip will lead you through some of Italy's most ancient port towns, like Pompeii, Ercolano, Positano, Sorrento, Salerno and Paestum. We guarantee you will gain the romantic spirit of a newly-wed or poet, just like the leisure-seeking elite that reside here.
Our first stop along the Amalfi Coast will be for 2 hours in Pompeii. This ancient Roman settlement had been well preserved under several meters of volcanic ash after Mt. Vesuvius tragically blew its top in the eruption pf 79 A.D. The result is an "archeological theme park", a Roman city whose treasures laid hidden until just a century ago. The city and its treasures laid hidden until just a century ago when archeologists verified what Roman historians, like Tacitus, had recorded 2000 years earlier -linking the catastrophic eruption to the "wrath of the gods" on the hedonistic resort town.

Heading further along the Amalfi coast, your driver will lead you to the sweet scented and majestic beauty of Sorrento, which since antiquity has been a preferred summer residence of Neapolitan locals. Proof of this are the still visible the remains of seaside villas of Roman patrician families, like Villa Pollio. Sorrento is also renown for its production of citrus, especially deep scented lemons used in the production of the sweet liquor, limoncello. While in Sorrento sip a glass of limoncello while sitting at a leisurely café in front of the main square and 16th century villas built along cobblestone streets.

Another must-see town is Positano, an ancient fishing village that appears to gently tiptoe down the terraced mountain slope into the warm Mediterranean waters below. The pastel colors of the town's homes give unique radiance to evening sunsets! If time and interest allow, from Sorrento you can catch a 45-minute ferry over to Capri, the resort island just a few kilometers off the coast of Naples.
Capri, now a favorite summer home to many wealthy businessmen and actors, follows in the tradition of the Roman Emperor, Tiberius, who built a marble palace atop the island's highest peak. Don't miss out on a tour of the ruins of this ancient royal residence and its breathtaking view of the Mediterranean gulf.

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