Siena and Chianti region

Siena's countryside goes beyond human words

The world's best poets have tried to capture the beauty of Siena and its surrounding Tuscan landscape, but its never quite the same as what tourists time and again discover with remarkable enthusiasm.
In brief, you have to witness with your own eyes this region's timeless bucolic splendor -its verdant pastures and stone villages of yesteryear, its gently rolling hills dotted with olive groves, sweet scented vineyards, mystical sunsets, ancient fortresses, ducal palaces and castles.
The Sienan wine region known as "Chianti" is a perfect example of this, while boasting Tuscany's best viticulture and country cuisine, not to mention the famous Medieval walled city of Siena.

Day Trip Itinerary

Our 10-hour day trip will lead you through this central Tuscan region's best architectural, cultural and natural masterpieces. Our drivers will offer their expertise in selecting the best panoramic points to gaze and dream from, restaurants where you may spoil your palate, as well as artistic landmarks and monuments from a different age that will simply leave you spellbound.
The dreamy medieval spires Siena will immediately enchant you -the same effect it has had on travelers to this great city for centuries. Just like nearby Florence, Siena is rich in artistic and architectural heritage. Your driver-guide will accompany you to the city's best historical monuments, art-filled churches and museums. Among the must-see Sienan landmarks is the city's main square, Piazza del Campo.
During the summer months the square is also the site of several Renaissance parades and public festivals, including the "Palio" -a centuries-old mad horse race around Piazza del Campo. The Palio event attracts thousands of tourists and is watched by millions on Italian television each year.

Another must-see is the city's 13th century Duomo, or Cathedral. This Medieval architectural wonder houses some of Italy's most inspiring religious art, rivaling that of Europe's greatest churches and basilicas.
An important stopping point is the Palazzo Pubblico, where you can hike its 332 steps up the Torre del Mangia for a postcard panorama of the city and surrounding countryside. Also of great significance are Siena's palatial, art-filled edifices, like the Palazzo Chigi-Saracini, Palazzo Piccolomini, Palazzo del Magnifico and Palazzo Buonsignori, where numerous invaluable works of Medieval and Renaissance art are still housed.

From Sienna your driver will pass through winegrowing lands and historical villages before arriving at the heart of the Chiantiregion.There he will take you to your choice of a typical agricultural establishments boasting the region's richest viticulture and culinary traditions.
Don't miss out on generous wine tastings and bringing home a bottle or two of your favorite Chianti red. Like so many others before you, you'll realize that such rich flavors really cannot be exported or reproduced, but are found here locally, in their original and true spirit!

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