Day trip excursions

"You may have the universe if i may have Italy" - Giuseppe Verdi

Falling in love with Italy!

Day Trips filled with art, food, people, landscape & culture.
When traveling around Italy you will no doubt be seduced by the local charm of its people and the country's abundant precious art and ancient heritage.
We will show you why Italy is home to over half of the world's ancient, medieval, renaissance and baroque art and architectural artifacts.
So wealthy is she is this sense, that Italy's museums struggle to find room to hang their paintings and mount their sculptures! Churches and monasteries are not short in artistic heritage either. Italians live and breath their heritage, and you will soon see why!
And then there is the food. We will lead you to places where your palate will be enticed by the aromas flowing from homes and family-run "trattorias" with wood burning ovens preparing freshly baked breads, hand-made pastas, cured meats, fresh cheeses and overflowing glasses wine.
Finally there is the Italian landscape that fills visitors with the same awe-struck wonder and delight that 19th century opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi, felt when he said: "You may have the universe if I may have Italy!" Italy's bucolic countryside mystified the ancients, like Virgil, and served as the muse to numerous great English and American poets. No doubt you will be inspired in the same way!

Please note:
*All our day trips may be customized to best suit individual requests and special interests.
*We inform our clients that in order to ensure top quality service, our drivers are trained to give informative explanations of the local areas you visit.
Yet strict Italian tourist board regulations prohibit chauffeurs from commenting excessively at official tourist sites outside their vehicles. This is agreement with labor union agreements struck with licensed walking tour guides. They can, of course, speak to you from inside the vehicle anywhere organized tourism is in place.

Day trip excursions

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