Excursions from Florence

Florence is the world's capital of Renaissance art and culture. We will lead you along a minimum 4-hour tour packed with the artistic heritage of this lively Tuscan town.
You will accompanied to visit some of the town's most ancient streets adorned with artistic treasures and historic buildings marking the various stages of Florentine development.

You will visit the town's world famous Duomo, or Cathedral, and adjacent Baptistry -two genuine relics of the high Florentine Renaissance. Your guide will also lead you to several Medieval churches, monasteries as well as public and private buildings with 1000 year-old frescos, mosaics and marble sculpture.

Art, art and more art!

Then of course you will have your choice of visiting any of Florence's world-class art museums. We highly recommend the Uffizi Museum, housing perhaps what is Michelangelo's most famous sculpture -The David. Other museums include the Galleria Palatini with its Golden Age oil paintings, as well as the Accademia, Casa Buonarroti and Bargello museums, home to hundreds of the best Renaissance sculpture and paintings.

Mythical Countryside

For those with an itch to explore the mythical Tuscan countryside, our drivers are well-informed of the most characteristic locales, wineries, trattorias, panoramic vistas and nature walks just outside Florence. There is so much to visit that an afternoon itinerary can easily turn into a long weekend!

Shop 'til you drop

If you can't get enough of Italian high fashion, your driver will lead you to Florence's best shops and outlets where you can by products and apparel of Italian designers such as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Emanuel Ungaro and Valentino.

Limousine Excursion from Florence

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