Limousine Excursion from Florence to Pisa & Lucca

Our 8-hour excursion will lead you through the principal monuments and artistic treasures of two of Tuscany's most celebrated destinations -Pisa, home to the Leaning Tower, and the fortified medieval city of Lucca.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa, considered one of the world's Seven Wonders, is not the only marvel the town has to offer. Pisa boasts several architectural splendors thanks to a robust economy during its golden age as a Maritime Republic. Such wealth is seen in its marble-lined Cathedral, basilicas, public buildings and university designed by the Renaissance's best engineers and architects. The architectural beauty of Pisa is perhaps surpassed only by its surrounding natural parks and seaside, as in the Migliarino Natural Preserve, Monte Pisano and panoramic Mediterranean shoreline.


The fortified town of Lucca, the so-called "city of a hundred churches", has been often rated as Italy's best city to live in. This is large part thanks to its quiet streets free of traffic and pollution, its wide open public squares, well-manicured parks. This is the same city where most citizens still commute to work on bicycles! The town's medieval churches and palaces have all been perfectly preserved throughout the centuries, just like the thick surrounding walls and protective mote which helped fend off Lucca from numerous hostile invasions since 650 AD.

To end your visit, we suggest taking a romantic stroll along Lucca's ancient walls - an area now transformed into a public park k - while spotting Medieval spires projecting into the Tuscan blue sky above.

Please note:
*All our day trips may be customized to best suit individual requests and special interests.
*We inform our clients that in order to ensure top quality service, our drivers are trained to give informative explanations of the local areas you visit.
Yet strict Italian tourist board regulations prohibit chauffeurs from commenting excessively at official tourist sites outside their vehicles. This is agreement with labor union agreements struck with licensed walking tour guides. They can, of course, speak to you from inside the vehicle anywhere organized tourism is in place.

Limousine Excursion from Florence

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