Limousine Excursion from Florence to Siena

Siena, an unchanged international hub of art an culture, is home to several world renown museums, ancient festivities and a 750 year-old university. Our enchanting 8-hour tour will lead you through a town in a perfect state of Medieval and Renaissance architecture. Our tour will be a vertitable trip back in time -impossible to experience elsewhere. If traveling in the summertime, you will join the town's inhabitants dressed in Renaissance garb for the time-honored tradition of the Palio horse race around Siena's main square. This mad equestrian event has been celebrated enthusiastically each year for centuries!

Siena is not just home to the Palio, but also to world famous Cathedral, captivating Medieval spires and towers atop stately public buildings. Siena is also known for its surrounding wine-producing towns and villages such as San Gimignano, whose fortified walls, borgo and 14 towers were founded upon an ancient Etruscan settlement. There is also nearby Montalcino, a town producing Italy's most prestigious and sought-after red wine -the robust Brunello red vintage. Another possible Sienan countryside route can be taken through the Chianti Castles region, an area adorned with numerous ancient medieval villages, noble residences and farmland sectioned off during feudal times. This area produces world renown Chianti red wines. Here we will lead you to any of several wineries and trattorias where you can taste for yourself these classic reds and together with hearty Tuscan meat and vegetable recipes.

Please note:
*All our day trips may be customized to best suit individual requests and special interests.
*We inform our clients that in order to ensure top quality service, our drivers are trained to give informative explanations of the local areas you visit.
Yet strict Italian tourist board regulations prohibit chauffeurs from commenting excessively at official tourist sites outside their vehicles. This is agreement with labor union agreements struck with licensed walking tour guides. They can, of course, speak to you from inside the vehicle anywhere organized tourism is in place.

Limousine Excursion from Florence

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