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Venice is one of the world's most unique cities. We are proud to offer day tours and excursions from Venice in limousine with experienced and english speaking guides and drivers.

Brief History of Venice:
it is a city whose origins date back 1500 years ago to island surrounded by a great lagoon.
Venice then developed in harmony with its natural environment -in a completely different way than in any other city of Italy and Europe.

In an age in which Europe was vastly unpopulated and covered by great swamplands and forests, Venice developed extremely close business and cultural ties with Eastern Europe and the Middle East -what was once part of the Byzantine Empire.

It was again Venetian citizens who know how to strike some of the most powerful economic and business accords in Renaissance Europe.
During the 15th-17th centuries Venice accumulated an incredible amount of public and private wealth, still seen in the thousands of works of art spread across the city's public squares. palaces, museums and state buildings.

Such is the case, that many view Venice as the world's capital of art, rivaling other cites such as Paris, Vienna and Florence.

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