Wine and typical food

Italy is, no doubt, the world's greatest and most ancient producer of wine. Its and sophisticated viticulture is second to none in Europe and the Americas.
Though some might argue the contrary while defending other countries' proud standards, Italians -and soon you will agree - are quick to defend their viticulture as "numero uno"!Wine lovers in search of discovering this great tradition will find that a bottle of Italian wine is tailor-made to the country's equally ancient and wonderful gastronomic offerings.

We know our routes

Colosseum Travel's expert driving guides will lead you through Italy's most famous wine regions, including some the land's best kept secrets: country wine routes ("strade del vino") along which both family-run and large commercial wineries and vineyards flourish.
These many routes, varied and defined by the Italian Board of Tourism, gently wind their way along some Italy's most panoramic rural roads. These roads will turn any visitor into a Horace and Virgil, poetically entranced by leafy vines, the bouquet of freshly harvested grapes, buzzing bees, grazing cattle, and characteristic restaurants, trattorias and farm life.

We know our wines and food

The proper way to present a wine to consumers requires particular learning and attention to detail. The various methodologies with which wine is produced vary not only according to region, but also accord to the breed and quality of wine itself.
A Chianti red wine may be considered and close cousin of Pinot Nero, but in terms of production and region there could be no two wines more dissimilar!And the meats and cheeses they compliment vary in equal proportions -as you will see in the tastings we personally organize for you! Choose & Customize Your Tour.

All our wine and typical food tours are customized

We welcome suggestions for particular explorations and interests. With a few days' advanced notice, we can book private tours and eno-gastronomic tastings at the best wineries, restaurants, farms and cheese factories.

We guarantee you will have a unique and unforgettable experience!

Wine and typical food

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